Merry Solstice!!

Happy Yule!!

What a wonderful day!

I made a fantastic feast for me and my husband – it was delicious!


I made home-made mulled wine and decorated our Yule log cake with orange peel.
I forgot to take a picture before hand so you can see it post cut here lol


I cast my circle  and conducted my first Sabbat ritual which went very well 🙂

I followed the examples from Cunningham and Buckland and it was my most successful ritual to date.

For e.g. I really wanted my winter solstice incense inside my cauldron to actually light on fire – I tried to do this before I started and it didnt light at all. Once I’d cast my circle and called to the Deities, I placed my cauldron onto my pentacle and tried once last time – and not only did it light – it was well light – impressive flames and stayed lit for about 3-4 mins – just enough time to complete my ritual and give thanks to the Gods! I asked the Gods to bless me with the strength for the next year, through challenging and hard times that will lie ahead and the ability to recognise and enjoy times when things are good.


This was my first casting where I felt really fluid, it all happened organically. I had my plan for this evening and but was going to do it later but after my lil feast I was just lead to continue – and then I was mid cast! it was fantastic!

My favourite part of my ritual today was charging my Yule log. I wanted the heat to burn and send out good and happy vibes to all those who I love, near and far – those still in my life and those who have left it. I charged it with love for those who need love, kindness for the sad and hope for the hopeless. I also charged it with all I wanted to let go of, let the flames burn away my negative past, my poor health and if required, my dreams of things I will never have.

After my indoor casting was complete, I took my red candle outside to light my Yule log. Yesterday, I opened the wrapper of the log, craved a shining sun deep in the wood. Below the circle of the sun, I stuffed many Yule time spices and herbs inside. And anointed it with winter time oils! Ive been looking forward to lighting this since I got it!

I drew a circle with chalk in the garden/patio and cast a quick minimalist circle (no equipment – just me) Light the log and watched the fire, quietly just meditated on the flames. Felt very peaceful and quietly powerful – Wonderful!



Breaking Bad Luck

Items : Cauldron, A piece of paper

Time: At night

Light a small fire in a cauldron or what ever you have available to contain the fire.

Write on a piece of paper that is 3 inches x 3 inches, the words BAD LUCK. Then write down any bad things you do not like in your life right now. Then draw a big X across the paper with a black marker.

While doing this you should be thinking of how all these things are going to disappear from your life, never to return!

Place the paper in the fire and repeat the following words 3 times :

“Fire, fire burning bright
turn my darkness into light!
Take away my bad luck ill,
bring me nothing but goodwill.
Bad luck came and stayed to long,
be gone forever, be gone, be gone!
With this fire burning bright,
bring me good luck, bring me light!”

After repeating these words 3 times, sit for a few minutes and concentrate on the bad luck being gone and the good luck coming your way! When you are done extinguish the fire.

Courtesy of

Invoking the Goddess Hecate

Courtesy of ~Lady Hecate~

Ritual Bath – participants bathe to symbolically cleanse the body and free the mind from daily care and bring its power to bear on the purpose of the ritual at hand.

Lighting of the Temple candles – This is a visible signal of the beginning of the ritual.  All candles should be lit except for the Altar/Goddess candles and Quarter candles. 

Consecration of Participants – The Witch anoints herself with oil and thus named sacred/holy/vehicle of the Goddess within.  She may say “I am Goddess ___________.”  This oil also opens up the mind’s eye.

Sweep the Circle – this is done with your besom to sweep out negativity and sweep in positive energy.

Cast the Circle – Creation of sacred space. The circle forms a boundary between the everyday world and the Magickal world now being entered. As you cast the circle, see the blueish light being formed. Also, when done casting the circle, walk around and “feel” the boundary which you have just created and know that is there. This is very important. As mentioned before, some Witches prefer using a Sickle to cast the Circle of Hecate. The sword and/or athame is more of a man’s tool and not that of a woman. The sickle is the symbol of the Crone–of harvesting and death. In hunter-gatherer societies, women were responsible for gathering and harvesting plant material. When cultivation began as a result of Demeter’s gift of wheat, it was the women who were instrumental in the harvest. Hence, the sickle is an appropriate (and ancient) women’s tool. Its crescent shape further identifies it with the Moon and so with the Goddess. It is the waxing and waning crescents of the Moon. The sharp edge represents the gift of discernment–the ability to know what needs to be cut away–either to promote growth/provide food or to remove disease/the unwanted. As the Priestess walks around casting the circle, she visualizes a bluish white beam of light/power extending from the tip of the sickle to the ground. This beam marks the actual boundary of the Circle.

Cleanse and purify the water, fire and incense. Salt is already cleansed and purified. We just say a little blessing over the salt honoring its perfection.

Cleanse the circle with the salt and water with a chant.

Cleanse the circle with the fire and incense with a chant.

Evoke the Goddess Quarters – Calling on the elemental rulers, Mighty Ones, or the Goddess of that Quarter to come guard the Circle and to lend their powerful aid to the rite and the participants.

Ceremony of the Triple Goddess – I have a Triple Goddess Candle holder sitting on the altar. I ask the Maiden to join us and then She speaks; I ask the Mother to join; then She speaks her words of wisdom; Then as ask the wise old Crone, and She speaks. I light each candle as I evoke the Maiden, Mother and Crone. These can be found in my Goddess Quarter Chants.

Invocation of the Goddess – Calling on Her to join the Circle, to aid the Magick and to guide you. The Charge is said. I have made my own by taking different information that I have gathered over the years and made it into a Charge of the Goddess Hecate.

Then stop and look around your circle and feel the presence of everyoneMany people just zoom right through this without feeling the presence of the Goddess and the Mighty Ones.

Magick is Done – Then do your body of ritual or intent of ritual like candle magick to rid negativity that has built up throughout the month, if you are doing a dark moon; to something positive if you are doing a Full Moon. Most anything you do, you can use a candle……from magick, or to honoring something. You can inscribe whatever it is on your candle and then anoint the candle with appropriate oil and splash your consecrated salt and water from you altar on the candle and run it over top the incense in your cauldron and then light the candle. As you are doing all of this, you are thinking what the purpose is and envision what you want to envision. I always light the spell candle from the Goddess candle, and as I light the spell candle, I say what this is for either silently, if you are in a coven and this is sacred to you, or if a solitaire, then out loud. But everything you do sets the mood of your ritual and the true essence of it.  Build your cone of power and then send it off.

Blessings of the Cakes and Wine – I do not use what is called the symbolic Great Rite, as first off, it is a Wiccan tradition and not something Witches did long ago. If I did the Great Rite, I think the appropriate time would be at the Beltane Sabbat and not at all during Moon rituals. I bless and consecrate the cakes and wine but I do not do the “athame into chalice” which is the Great Rite in its symbolic form.

Toasting to the Goddess – I toast and pay homage to the Goddess and place wine and cakes in the libation bowel.

 Then sit and relax a bit – Drink your wine and feast on your cakes. This not only helps you to relax but also to ground yourself.

Thank the Goddess – When it is time for the ritual to come to and end, thank the Goddess for Her attendance at your rite. (I never recommend anyone to “dismiss” the Goddess, as I think those words are not appropriate.

The Triple Goddess is released – starting with Crone, then Mother, then Maiden.

Quarters are released – Many witches go widdershins in releasing the Mighty Ones.

Call back the cast circle into your staff or sickl – power cast and then wasted is a shame. Many Witches call back that power into their staff. Many Witches go widdershins in calling back the circle into their sickle or staff.

Circle is opened but unbroken – circle is opened but unbroken. May the love of the Goddess be ever in your heart; Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet again.

Whew! You’re done. But once you get it all down on paper in a ritual format, the rest is easy. I recommend putting your standard ritual setup in written form in its entirely. It not only helps the ritual go smoother, but you will not forget anything.

Yes, it is a lot to do if you are a solitaire but then your circle is never boring! I use to do it when I was a solitaire. Each time you do a ritual in the same manner, the same words, the same way, the stronger your ritual becomes. I have been using the same chant for casting my circle, for calling in the Mighty Ones, sweeping the circle, etc., for years and my circle cooks. You can get the chants that I have talked about in this website. Just before a ritual, I always go over my ritual format and read it through and through so that I do not stumble over the words and everything runs smoother. Also, it helps set the mood instead of just starting the ritual without any preparation. Even a few hours before ritual will help you in your preparation and setting the mood. I even go to my temple room and burn some incense a few hours before ritual begins. Naturally, if you want, you can add some other personal touches to your ritual.


Self-Dedication Ritual

Preparation Bath:


  1. (3 Tsp.)Salt (sea salt is best)
  2. Essential Oil (your choice)
  3. Music and player of some sort (optional)
  4. Candles (any color)
  5. Incense and burner (of your choice).

Take a bath in warm water for about 30 minutes to 1 hour or until you feel completely relaxed and refreshed. Add salt and about 1-2 teaspoons of essential oil to the bath water before bathing. This is a relaxing bath so, actually wash before you do this do not take this bath then wash everything off with soap (and the act of washing will riv you up again). Burn the incense while bathing in a heat proof burner away from the bath and flammable materials in the bathing area (bathroom).

Dress in appropriate ritual clothing after the bath or, remain sky-clad if you wish.

Cleanse the ritual area and then cast your Circle- you are ready to begin.

In The Room or Ritual Area:


  1. Incense of your choice and a heat proof burner.
  2. (4) large candles for the Four Quarters- any color.
  3. (7) small candles your choice of colors.
  4. Matches or a lighter.
  5. Heat proof container for candles.
  6. Salt (sea salt is best)
  7. Ritual clothes ( your choice)
  8. Bell (small enough for you to hold with one hand)
  9. Music recording and player (optional)

Burn your favorite incense here again if you wish. Make sure the room (or area) is dimly lit.

Place the 4 large candles in heat proof containers and place them on the alter in the 4 directions (one per quarter). Place the 7 small candles in heat proof containers and place them on the alter-in no particular formation. Choose something you like.

You can play some music (softly) in the background to help set the mood. 

Cast The Circle

Ring Bell 3 times.


O Mother Goddess

O Father God

Parents to all life and answers to all mysteries and mysteries yet unanswered.

Within this Circle of Power I call to thee.

I open myself to your essence.

In this, the most Holy of places, and within this, most Holy of Times,

I am forever hereby changed.

I Wish to dedicate myself to you, O gracious God and Goddess.

I wish to henceforth walk the path of the Old Ways,

the Path of the Wicca, the path of the Craft.


 Mother Goddess and Father God

Please Bless me and accept me into your Greater mystery.

I ask to be your pupil, please teach me and show me the way.

Light the 1st. Small candle:

Blessed be are my eyes:

that I have seen this day (or night),

that I have seen your grace,

and that I have sen the way.

…So Mote It Be.


Light the 2nd. candle:

Blessed be are my ears:

that I may hear your voices,

that I may hear the voices of those who would teach and guide me on my way.

Light the 3rd. candle:

Blessed be my mouth:

that I may speak the ways of the Craft and the Wicca…Discretely.


Light the 4th. candle:

Blessed are my feet:

that they have led me to you and to this path that I may now choose to follow.

Light the 5th. candle:

Blessed be my heart:

that I may follow my intuition and my feelings

that will guide me on my way and to allow me to experience your never-ending love and grace.

Light the 6th. candle:

Blessed be my loins:

that bring forth life, the ultimate gift of your love and sacred union,

which you have given to us to know and experience.

Light the 7th. candle:

Blessed be this body:

that it may serve me long and well so that I may serve you and learn your multitude of lessons and someday be by your side.

 Ring the Bell 3 times:

 Light 1st. Large candle:

I now breath your energies unto myself,

blending and mixing with my energies and becoming one,

that I may experience the divine in nature,

and the nature in the divine,

and the divinity within myself and all things.


O Great Goddess

O Great God

Light 2nd. large candle:

I promise to uphold your laws,

and the way of the Old Path, the path of the Wicca, and the Craft.

Blessed be this time, for it marks this point in time that I shall walk the path of the Old Ones, the Gods of Today.

Please allow me to learn your ways and to carry them forever with me, for this is now my path, my way, my religion.

I shall ever endure to become a true Wiccan and a member of the Craft.

Bless me, and make me one with your essence. …So Mote It Be!


Ring Bell 3 times:

Light 3rd. large candle:

Recite the Laws and the Ways of your religion for all to hear.

Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,

in perfect love and perfect trust,

eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill,

 ‘and it harm none, do what ye will’.

And ever mind the ‘Rule of Three,

what ye send out, comes back to thee.

Follow this with mind and heart,

 and merry ye meet, and merry ye part.

Blessed be.

After each law of way (at the end of the ‘document’) Say:

“I shall do my best to keep this Law To the best of my ability,

for it is now my law And I accept it as such.

In perfect love and in perfect trust.

…So Mote It Be!”

 Now announce your own thoughts, feelings, and the like for all to hear. Nothing is too foolish, serious, or otherwise!

Light the 4th. candle and say:

I accept all that has transpired here and I accept my new life and my calling, this path, this way of the Wicca and the Craft. I will learn the Craft of the Wise and I will endeavor to understand it to the fullest, and in the fullest of time. I will count myself as one who serves the Old Ones and the Ancient Ways. I now belong to the Craft and I embrace it and all that it entails in perfect love and in perfect trust.

Let thy life and the lives to come be in your service and of your love:

O Mother Goddess and Father God …So Mote It Be! ( Say 3 Times)

Dispel Circle and enjoy the Simple Feast.