Merry Solstice!!

Happy Yule!!

What a wonderful day!

I made a fantastic feast for me and my husband – it was delicious!


I made home-made mulled wine and decorated our Yule log cake with orange peel.
I forgot to take a picture before hand so you can see it post cut here lol


I cast my circle  and conducted my first Sabbat ritual which went very well 🙂

I followed the examples from Cunningham and Buckland and it was my most successful ritual to date.

For e.g. I really wanted my winter solstice incense inside my cauldron to actually light on fire – I tried to do this before I started and it didnt light at all. Once I’d cast my circle and called to the Deities, I placed my cauldron onto my pentacle and tried once last time – and not only did it light – it was well light – impressive flames and stayed lit for about 3-4 mins – just enough time to complete my ritual and give thanks to the Gods! I asked the Gods to bless me with the strength for the next year, through challenging and hard times that will lie ahead and the ability to recognise and enjoy times when things are good.


This was my first casting where I felt really fluid, it all happened organically. I had my plan for this evening and but was going to do it later but after my lil feast I was just lead to continue – and then I was mid cast! it was fantastic!

My favourite part of my ritual today was charging my Yule log. I wanted the heat to burn and send out good and happy vibes to all those who I love, near and far – those still in my life and those who have left it. I charged it with love for those who need love, kindness for the sad and hope for the hopeless. I also charged it with all I wanted to let go of, let the flames burn away my negative past, my poor health and if required, my dreams of things I will never have.

After my indoor casting was complete, I took my red candle outside to light my Yule log. Yesterday, I opened the wrapper of the log, craved a shining sun deep in the wood. Below the circle of the sun, I stuffed many Yule time spices and herbs inside. And anointed it with winter time oils! Ive been looking forward to lighting this since I got it!

I drew a circle with chalk in the garden/patio and cast a quick minimalist circle (no equipment – just me) Light the log and watched the fire, quietly just meditated on the flames. Felt very peaceful and quietly powerful – Wonderful!



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